Sparring Partners launches website dedicated to assisting boxing, MMA fighters find quality sparring partners

Sparring Partners Online Worldwide is pleased to announce the launch of a website devoted to helping fighters find suitable sparring partners to help them improve their performance.

The site will be filled with up to date statistics, fighting styles, and precise specifications of all potential sparring partners.

The site will include fighters’ records and links to fight videos. The site is geared toward connecting on the road fighters as well as their managers to fighters that meet the style, physique or look of the fighter in their upcoming fight.

As an experienced judge, Short knows how expensive it can be to take a regular sparring partner on the road. Save yourself time, money, and resources by utilizing the easy to use site.

Sparring Partners Online Worldwide CEO Tyrone Short, a veteran professional Boxing and MMA Judge, also provides fighters, both professional and unprofessional, the opportunity to advertise themselves as potential sparring partners. Whether you are looking for exposure, financial gains or that perfect sparring partner that will take you to that next level, is the ideal place to begin.

As the site will have an international reach, fighters are given worldwide exposure to fighters coming into their hometown or are willing to fly them over to be used as sparring partners.

The site also welcomes fight promoters to join, as they will be able to find fighters for their promotions as well as advertise their upcoming fights via the site’s Products and Shows page. There will also be a classified section for the buying and selling of fight related and athletic gear and apparel.

Unlike the word of mouth tradition of the past, fighters will now be able to scout for quality sparring partners based on their unique and individual specifications, including fight styles, experience, and geographic locations. gives people the ability to narrow down all these things via the site’s search engine making it incredibly easy to use.

Tyrone Short invites all fighters, managers, and agents to visit and embrace this innovative way of finding new sparring partners as well as amazing financial saving opportunities.

By Brian Bearden

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